The Rest of U.S. is a site by, about, and for the Sane Majority in the United States who have been subdued and quiet for far too long.

The extremists may get the headlines. But we believe that building bridges and reaching consensus is not only possible, but essential, in our current political climate.

While the first few articles will be written by its publisher, Ellen Brandt, Ph.D., we’ll eventually open up the site to contributions by other Centrists, including political candidates and public officials.

We may also conduct moderated debates and multi-contributor panel discussions.

For a brief bio of Dr. Ellen Brandt, please see her Linked In profile:

For an on-line portfolio of about 50 of her more than 3,000 print magazine articles, see:

For her already-influential series, Baby Boomers-The Angriest Generation:

For her diverse and diverting blogsite, EllenInteractive:

For the new Centrists Group at Linked In:

For the new Centrists Twibe at Twitter:


4 Responses to “About This Site”

  1. Donald Watkins II Says:

    I saw your comment on The Leaf Chronicle. The Leaf Chronicle and The Tennessean Forums are so full of extremist views, especially of the Right Wing variety, that I continually get frustrated. I’m tired of both the extreme Right and Left.

    • ellenbrandtphd Says:


      Please join our Centrists Group at Linked In and the new Centrists Twibe at Twitter.

      Twibes are not particularly for conversations – see my new story, “Why I Use Twibes and Why You Might Like It, Too”

      But the Linked In Group is already very active, despite numerous attempts from the Tea Party bots to crash it!

  2. Jo David Says:

    So happy to see your site!

    It is time for talking, instead of the “sound bite” negativity. Building bridges is a favorite saying of mine – our country, our world is changing and we need to pay attention and move forward.

    Simply characterizing an opponent in derogatory terms should be cast aside in favor or solutions and ideas. Don’t just say you’ve got an idea, tell us what it is. Confrontational politics and trolls must go!

  3. Scott Says:

    I like what I have read so far, and agree with most.

    I think that’s the idea. Everyone is not going to agree on everything. That’s a given. It seems to me that the idea is to get positive movement.

    I think that our representatives need to be reminded that they are meant to represent all of the people from their district.

    If they anger some, they will please others. It’s a dynamic.

    I am tired of “the Democrats this or the Republicans that”. Once elected, it is supposed to be “We the People need this or that” and it should not matter which party proposes the legislation.

    I am also tired of groups like the Tea Party using public supported venues to complain about taxes and government spending. The group from my area asked the city to erect bleachers and used public property to complain about spending. Their point might be more convincing if they paid their own way, since that is what they say they are interested in.

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